Angelic Healing Practitioner

One to One Accredited Training

After years of working as a Healer, my guides and Angels have created their own way of working with me, within the energies here on earth and across the dimensions, which they are now asking me to share with others.

In this combined online and in person training course, I will show you how to link to the healing grid, the elements, the archangels and the divine light to bring the angelic healing through for your client.

You will be required to complete the online manual as well as attend TWO training sessions, the first is for the teachings and lasts TWO HOURS and the next day is for the PRACTICAL TRAINING and is for FOUR HOURS.

The cost to attend is £200.

To do this training you need to have completed at least Reiki Level One, preferably Two as well so that you can work at this level of energy vibration.

Therefore to enrol please email Samantha Jayne first at: [email protected]

I look forward to working with you.

Angel Blessings


This is an accredited course.

Please be aware before enrolling onto this course that you MUST BE attuned to REIKI LEVEL TWO and that proof of certification will be required t your training session. If you are not qualified to this level we will not be able to qualify you and no refund is applicable. Thank you.

Your Instructor

Samantha Jayne
Samantha Jayne

Samantha Jayne is known as the psychic coach as she coaches people spiritually and energetically through her teachings and coaching both in personal development and business.

This course is closed for enrollment.