Boost Your Business with 1 Month's Coaching!

1 Month's Business Coaching for today's Therapist!


I get it! I understand you! I have been where you are!

You've followed your heart and soul and signed up for the courses, done the training, completed your case studies, received your certificates...….. what next?

You know what you want. You want a life that feels abundant. You want to spend your days doing what you love, lining your own pockets not other peoples, working with lovey clients who pay you well for your gifts and abilities. Am I right?

With 18 years experience as a Therapist, Psychic Reader and Trainer I now coach Therapists, Healers, Readers, Teachers, Coaches and other Creatives and Visionaries, HEART CENTRED BUSINESS OWNERS just like you, to create successful businesses doing what they were put here to do! To serve others in a way that serves them with a great life to be lived and loved. I share with you all I have discovered, through an 18 year journey of blood sweat and tears, about how to create an aligned, abundant business so you don't have to struggle!

You have dreams and goals for your business, in fact your life yet you feel stuck on knowing how to get there and you are beginning to feel overwhelmed. Let me show you how it's done through my easy to use business coaching programme. This is an online series of easy to use units specifically for therapists, healers and personal care service providers.


Gain access to my valuable resources and expert advice to turn your gifts into a profitable business.

As a ONE TO ONE COACHING CLIENT here's what you will receive:

In this 1 month, one to one coaching programme you benefit from:

  • weekly one hour coaching session
  • unlimited support through FACEBOOK CHAT or WHATSAPP Monday to Friday
  • access to 4 great resources including back office set up, understanding your tribe, branding and how to stay focused.

My clients are achieving amazing things and I want YOU to be a success story too.

Samantha Jayne

Your Instructor

Samantha Jayne
Samantha Jayne

With 18 years in industry, I have achieved major success working full time as a reader and healer, working as a Trainer to hundreds of amazing Therapists, appeared on several TV shows, interviewed regularly on radio shows around the world, published author and NOW I am a certified Entrepreneur Coach showing Therapists how to create and secure the business and lifestyle they desire!

Course Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
  Resource One - Your Vision
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Resource Three - Branding
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Resource Four - Soulmate Clients
Available in days
days after you enroll

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